We are no longer ‘watching’ we are ‘experiencing’

As we watch the world erupting in the middle east. Wait a minute stop – key thing “as we watch”.  We are no longer ‘watching’ we are ‘experiencing’.

The digital world of instant knowledge and increasing technology innovation is creating fast responses and a harmonized ‘this is our problem’ movement across the social web/world. What was once a CNN update that may or may not have had much real information has now become real people, real voices, instantly hitting our twitter feeds and networks.

As marketers we know the ‘power of story’ is how we engage our audience. This is story on steroids. Watching a live twitter feed of a social revolution is more than engagement through story, its engaging through humanity. It’s real time human existence and it embodies a growing movement towards unified humanity.

The latest innovation that’s blowing my mind? Google maps and twitter have combined to create a map following the middle east protests. Please ‘experience’ it for yourself…    http://www.mibazaar.com/meprotests.html





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