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Today I was ‘nonchalantly’ hit by a car(?)

While navigating the discombobulated mess of the Schwartz-Bay BC Ferry foot-passenger pick up arena, I –  encased in my fathers Jeep Grand Cherokee – found myself lodged in the bottleneck of fellow BC ferry foot-passenger chauffeurs. Not overly bothered by the situation as I had no particular interest in parking and had a great view of the foot-passenger exit from my lodged position within the bottleneck was happy-content with the situation.

The gentleman-not-gentleman behind me was not content. After utilizing his horn for a few minutes, he rashly attempted to drive around me, correspondingly rear-ended me, and to my extreme confusion drove by me while administering a one fingered hand gesture. He then parked a few stalls down.

Unsure how to precede I looked around to see if any onlookers had taken offense-notice of the incident. The bottleneck cleared and I drove down the row and parked. I got out of the car and was standing looking at the dent in the back with extreme confusion. Given the hand gesture I was unsure of how to precede. I eventually began to laugh as the situation did seem a bit ridiculous-humorous. My sister having successfully disembarked the ferry found me and asked why i was standing staring at the back of the car. After the above brief explanation she to began to laugh. We got in the car and left. I am still confused.