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Today I was ‘nonchalantly’ hit by a car(?)

While navigating the discombobulated mess of the Schwartz-Bay BC Ferry foot-passenger pick up arena, I –  encased in my fathers Jeep Grand Cherokee – found myself lodged in the bottleneck of fellow BC ferry foot-passenger chauffeurs. Not overly bothered by the situation as I had no particular interest in parking and had a great view of the foot-passenger exit from my lodged position within the bottleneck was happy-content with the situation.

The gentleman-not-gentleman behind me was not content. After utilizing his horn for a few minutes, he rashly attempted to drive around me, correspondingly rear-ended me, and to my extreme confusion drove by me while administering a one fingered hand gesture. He then parked a few stalls down.

Unsure how to precede I looked around to see if any onlookers had taken offense-notice of the incident. The bottleneck cleared and I drove down the row and parked. I got out of the car and was standing looking at the dent in the back with extreme confusion. Given the hand gesture I was unsure of how to precede. I eventually began to laugh as the situation did seem a bit ridiculous-humorous. My sister having successfully disembarked the ferry found me and asked why i was standing staring at the back of the car. After the above brief explanation she to began to laugh. We got in the car and left. I am still confused.


Resolution to Write… and then post writing…

New years resolution: don’t just write stuff, publish it. My longstanding tradition of either writing stuff for other peoples blogs or writing for the ‘personal documents’ folder on my hard drive must end!

To approach the idea of sharing personal thoughts publicly I have decided to take ‘baby steps’ and primarily write about unfathomably boring minutia.  As an individual with little-no blog following I feel I am not overly corrupting the web content of many-any, and accordingly feel little to no guilt.

Ergo I write; to celebrate the un-forecasted breakthrough of sunshine after a morose 4 day rainfall I took a sporadic trip up Mount Douglas. Evident blog writing inspiration has ensued. iphoto below.